Say Hello to Aeona

A multi-purpose chatbot powered by GPT-2 with moderation,
AI based chat filtering, Images, Utilities,
Reddit, Games, and much more!

Aeona is in 18 guilds and is serving 510 users.

What does Aeona bring to your server?

  • Chat Bot
      Aeona comes with a state of the art AI Chatbot which is powered by GPT-2 which is designed specifily for Discord
  • Moderation
      Aeona comes with a fully featured moderation system
  • Chat filter
      Aeona comes with a AI based chat filter system
  • Music
      Aeona has a high quality music system!
  • Embeds
      We allow you to sends fully featured embeds using our embed builder!
  • Logging
      With Aeona you can fully customize logging. Aeona lets you set your own log settings from member logging to command and voice logging!
  • Create Applications
      Manage your server applications with Aeona!
  • Reaction Roles
      Create your own reaction roles directly from Aeona's Dashboard!
  • Global Chat
      Talk with people from all over the world!
  • Custom Commands
      Create your own custom commands!
  • Alt Detection
      Detects if a user is using an alt account!
  • Economy
      Have fun play an ever growing economy!
  • And More
      We are working hard to add more features to Aeona!

What are you waiting for ?